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  • Is anyone else bothered by this?

    So I have noticed recently that there are a ton of commercial featuring fake military relationships to get people to buy their products.  I used to think they were cute but after seeing them over and over again all I can think about is how they are using emotions that are very personal to us as military S/O’s and exploiting them just to make more money for themselves.  Not only that but they only show soldiers coming home, not all deployments have cute cheery happy endings like that and there is a lot more to a deployment than just the homecoming.  How come these companies don’t show all the tears we shed, or the anxious night we have, and all the care packages we put together.  It’s because of these commercials that all my friends think military relationships are so cute and adorable and don’t really understand all the pain you have to go through to get those cute moments.  I would feel different about this is these companies were at least donating a certain percent of their profits back to the troops because those commercials I really like and they usually have real military personnel in them. 

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    December 1, 2011

    2 years ago

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